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What Are Hybrid Cars?


What Are Hybrid Cars?Hybrid plants like corn or rice are familiar to many but hybrid cars? Are these space-age cars that do not need fuel to run or even fly in the sky?

To the uninitiated, hybrid cars may seem like an alien form or specie that requires a lot of explaining. To car and environment aficionados, hybrid cars are either bane or boon especially with the increasing fuel prices worldwide.

Hybrid cars may just be the answer of modern scientists to the rising fuel cost and the deteriorating quality of the environment. Contrary to your belief, hybrid cars are no longer new to the society as the auto industry has come up with various models of hybrid cars. Car manufacturers who have been left behind in the race for the perfect hybrid car have announced their intention to compete in the market.

Hybrid vehicles are those that possess the dual qualities of being able to run on more than two sources of power like gasoline or battery. The first hybrid vehicles came in the form of hybrid bikes which has fuel features but can be operated using the pedal skills of the rider. Hybrid cars are more common in Europe particularly in Norway and France. Hybrid buses that are operated by overhead and by diesel when they travel in other areas without the overhead wires are also being used in Seattle. There are also hybrid submarines which run on nuclear, diesel or electric energy.

The most common hybrid vehicle is that powered by both gasoline and electricity. A hybrid car attempts to allow the owner to save on fuel while being environment friendly. However, can hybrid cars be efficient enough to provide long distance travel without being refueled or recharged?

Most gasoline-powered vehicles answer this requirement although they cause more damage to the environment because of the emissions. On the other hand, electric vehicles are more environment-friendly but can only go on a maximum of 161 kilometers until it is recharged and the recharging time is very slow. The hybrid car combines the advantages of both the gasoline-powered and the electric-powered car.

A hybrid car possesses a gasoline engine much like the ordinary gasoline powered car but the engine is much smaller, more environment-friendly due to lesser emissions and more efficient. It also possesses a very high tech electric motor which allows dual use of batteries and energy.

The hybrid car may just be in its infancy but the human mind can very well make sure that the hybrid cars will be the cars of the future.

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