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used car buying checklistWhy do you need a used car buying checklist? If you are in the market for a used car, everyone around you will give their opinion on what to look for and what to look out for. It is certainly wise to take the time to thoroughly inspect any vehicle you plan to buy BEFORE any money changes hands.

This may be hard to believe but advertisements or talk from a salesperson that might have persuaded your attention towards a car, truck or other vehicle might be misleading. Heck, it might even be a misrepresentation or untrue! Some of the features may not be on the vehicle or broken. Promised quality may not really be present at all and performance claims, enhancements or exaggerations are quite commonplace and pervasive in this market as well. It will serve you well to be skeptical and do some research so you know what to look out for. You can also use this used car buying check list!

The Used Car Buying Checklist

Here are some examples of what to pay attention to in your pre-purchase vehicle or parts inspection:

Used Car Buying Checklist – The Exterior of the Vehicle

Do a walkabout and note the paint-job and detailing on the car

  1. Look for scratch-marks and other dents.
  2. If you are unable to detect any and/or suspect a new finish, ask when and why the car was painted.
  3. Hiding rust and imperfections are quite common.
  4. Check the bumpers and wheel wheels checking for dents, body filling and/or signs of rust or decay.
  5. The underside might yield the most of this problem.
  6. You might be able to infer from these aspects mentioned above, that if there are problems on the out or underside, they might also just be inside the vehicle as well.


Used Car Buying Checklist – The Angles of the Vehicle

Look at the vehicle from all angles as well as the Vehicle Interior: top to bottom, tip to tail, rear, front, sides and even underneath the vehicle.

  1. Any inconsistencies or signs of major repair, could be cause for concern.
  2. Try to cover all the details and detailing.
  3. Look for outright and lingering sign of damages.
  4. Stains, tears or exposure, even sun damage might be noticeable on the upholstery and interior of the vehicle as well.
  5. Try and spot all these tell-tale signs prior to your purchase.


Used Car Buying Checklist – The Vehicle’s Engine

Always remember that a clean engine does not necessarily mean that all is good and well.

  1. Take a much closer look and notice all details that has to do with the functioning of the vehicle
  2. Two obvious places to look, would include the exhaust manifold (check for rust here) and the ass well (check for oil leaks or residue here).
  3. Checking the dipstick for oil is essential as well. Ensure that you feel no particles in it when rubbing your fingers against it. If present, it may be indicative of some related engine problems and even wear and tear, aging or breakdown over time.
  4. Physically starting the engine, listening carefully to the revs and even taking it for a test drive is advisable as well.
  5. Performance of the engine and the handling of the car are your tell-tale signs here.
  6. Check all brakes and features thoroughly as well.

All of these things are import. print this used car buying checklist and take it with you the next time you are buying a used car. You will be glad you did. You might also want to read the article: 8 Tips for When it is Time to Buy a New Car


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