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RV Production Amps up

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RV Production Amps up Following Latest Recession

~Kidd RV Consulting recognizes RV production growth following economic recessions~

TALLAHASSEE, FL – RV shipments continue to increase from the 2008-2009 recession, the largest decline of RV sales in 33 years. Numbers of RV shipments to retailers reached a high of 285,749 for 2012, a gain of 13.2 percent over 2011. According to reports from the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA), steady growth is expected to continue in future years.

As provided by Jim Eyster, marketing researcher, the industry’s strong recovery represents a recurring trend of RV production numbers reaching all-time highs following U.S. economic recessions. Recessions occur in this country on an average of every ten years and succeeding the last four, the RV industry has made a comeback showing historically high values than ever recorded before. In coming years, we expect to see even greater growth than in the past because of an anticipated jump in the retirement population due to the Baby Boomer generation. Baby Boomers are currently retiring at a rate of 10,000 a day and that number will keep increasing until it reaches its peak and levels off in 2017. The combination of ever-growing retirement rates with the steady increase in RV production seems to indicate overall growth for the RV industry for upcoming years.

“With RV sales and production playing a huge role in the RV industry and the success of our clients, we couldn’t be happier to see RV shipment numbers up and making such a strong recovery,” says Jerry Kidd, President of Kidd RV Consulting. “The Kidd RV team enjoys being a key stakeholder in the industry and we’re excited to see what opportunities and trends are awaiting us in the future.”

All aspects of the RV industry are looking up, except for one big factor that is always fluctuating with the times: gasoline. With gas prices reaching their highest ever recorded on Feb. 1 and the national average prices posting the biggest one-day increase in 23 months the week before, things aren’t looking up for RVers planning long-distance trips in the near future. Although, according a recent fuel survey, the majority of RVers responded that they would travel until fuel prices reach $8/gallon. With this kind of data to back it up, the RV industry will continue to grow and prosper.

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About Kidd RV Resort Consulting:

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About The Recreation Vehicle Industry Association:

The Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) is the national trade association representing recreation vehicle (RV) manufacturers and their component parts suppliers who together build more than 98 percent of all RVs produced in the U.S. Headquartered in the Washington, D.C. suburb of Reston, Virginia, RVIA is a unifying force for safety and professionalism within the RV industry and works with both federal and state government agencies to protect the interests of its members. A clearinghouse of industry facts and information, RVIA also provides free materials to consumers and other publics about RV travel and camping and actively works with the media nationwide to educate the public about the benefits of RVing.

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